Thursday, June 16, 2011


this is a weird camcap experience...

i thought it would be the usual a straight guy will jack-off in front of the cam for me... he even lay down in bed as instructed... until.... OH MY! the uncle appears out of nowhere and starts giving the camdude head. parang gapang yung scene!

they say 80% gays' first experience is with their relatives - brother, cousins, uncles or what-have-you's. this somehow gives meaning to this fetish of some of us - a taboo - incest. oh well...

ikaw, nagapang ka na ba?

nothing new

you've seen him somewhere - in one of my fave blogs,  nothin new here in this post - just him with a raging hard-on.

daring duo

a daring duo in a daring place in san juan...

one's darker, the other, fairer. one's bulkier, the other, leaner. one's shorter, the other, longer.

how long?

again, a daring boy from a daring bar place in san juan. correction, a daring boy with a long one. don't you just love the creativity of their costume designers? hehehe. from beads we move to sinamay, lace and yes, an inflated condom! on the saide, i find it sexy to be seing the hands of those gays taking pics. it adds character to the pics. hahaha. enjoy!

special backstage pass: oblation run (up diliman)

ever wondered what happens before this happens?
well, here you go... a special backstage pass before the actual oblation run itself... our straight fratboys undressing and goofing around before exposing themselves to the crazy sea of people outside.

dave rebolledo scandal

dave rebolledo aka devon rebolledo was one of the 2006 cosmopolitan 69 bachelors. he was a contestant for style eyecatchers model search and has appeared in several print and tv commercials. he was the guy in roxanne guinoo's white castle whisky tv commercial. this 26-year old is a medical representative and was the coverboy of red hot magazine issue 4 (thanks miong!). currently, he does modelling part time.

then the following pictures leaked... nothin' new - most of you may have seen these but i still got some requests and again, this blog aims to fulfill some of your fantasies regarding straight guys. nothin wrong with models doing nude photoshoots if you asked me - a lot, if not most models do. but then again - a raging hard-on changes the story (don't get me wrong - i looove his tool!). hmmm... dave's camp claimed these pictures were photoshopped (hmmm... if they were, why weren't the pimples photoshopped as well?). frankly, i think they're authentic. so, here you go...